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Fleet Intuition

Fleet cost savings in 4 graphs

Posted by Sudesh Pillay on 2019/09/04 9:00 AM

Want to know more about how EQSTRA can increase your fleet cost savings? These four graphs tell it all.

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Topics: Cost Saving

What is an insurance excess and why is it there?

Posted by Willers Baard on 2019/05/15 11:28 AM

Insurers will tell you the excess in your policy is there to protect you from spurious claims, or as a method of reducing the premium. For policyholders it is often infuriating and difficult to understand.

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Topics: Cost Saving

The ROI of effective vehicle tracking

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2019/05/01 11:00 AM

Effective vehicle tracking is the best way to ensure your fleet is running efficiently. Any changes you make to your fleet should be data-driven, and the best way to collect this data is through proper vehicle tracking. Tracking is data-driven, making it easy to calculate whether tracking is delivering decent ROI for your business.

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Topics: Cost Saving

How to make sense of maintenance savings

Posted by Mohammed Moosa on 2019/03/20 11:00 AM

Fleet managers around the country are under pressure to achieve meaningful cost savings on the company bottom line but, these measures have to be properly planned or they could bite back.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance, Cost Saving

Myth busting: vehicle insurance

Posted by Willers Baard on 2019/01/23 11:00 AM

Insurance is something everyone loves to hate but is absolutely vital to protect valuable assets. However, what can you do to minimise the cost of insurance on your vehicle?

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Topics: Cost Saving