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Updating driver information

A major pain point for the Human Resources (HR) department of any company is collecting and maintaining accurate driver details – this information is often not updated because each side believes the onus is on the other side to do the work.


External vs internal fleet management

Fleet management is more than simply buying and selling company cars. The many factors that need to be considered can tip the scales between an organisation deciding to run their fleet internally or use an external fleet management expert  that could save the company money in the long run.


AARTO vs normal fines

Do you understand the difference between AARTO fines and “normal” traffic violation fines? We explain it all here…


Fleet management 101: Determining who gets which car

This is every fleet manager’s nightmare, and a large part of the job. How do you match fit for purpose with status, and all the other factors that come into choosing a car?


Can cell phone apps make people better drivers?

While a seemingly unlikely theory, the evidence as reported by insurance companies around the globe is positive, especially if the use of the app is directly linked to incentive rewards.


Quest for drivers: managing the change

All people are resistant to change (even if we think we aren’t). Fleet drivers are no exception. When implementing a new system such as Quest, it’s all about how you package the change: you need to make it clear how the system will benefit drivers, so that they see the worth in changing and embrace it.


7 reasons why fleet service providers love Quest

81% of fleet suppliers love Quest, EQSTRA’s new system. Learn why here.


A guide for non-digital natives: How to use Quest

Worried your non-digital staff won't know how to use Quest, our integrated fleet solutions system? Here's a guide for them.


Fleet Operations Manager: playing an important role

In a large corporation operating many vehicles across the spectrum of cars and trucks, fleet managers play a pivotal role but, just as important, is the task of the Fleet Operations Manager (FOM) or Transport Manager.

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