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Heather de Vos

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How EQSTRA will make your daily fleet management tasks manageable

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2022/03/22 10:00 AM

The sheer amount of admin needed to run a successful fleet is no laughing matter, and many fleet managers find themselves weighed down by admin tasks when they are urgently needed elsewhere.

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Topics: Fleet Management

What does a sustainable fleet really look like?

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2021/09/07 12:00 PM

The word ‘sustainable’ has become a bit of a flag for businesses to wave around in order to appeal to customers. But what does it really mean, and how does it really apply to the fleet industry?

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Topics: Trends

Why now is the right time to review your fleet processes

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2021/07/06 10:00 AM

The past year has been challenging and has forced many fleet managers to adapt the way they operate. Rather than seeing all changes as merely temporary, this is the perfect time to review your fleet and see which new processes could benefit your fleet in the long run.

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Topics: Fleet Expertise

How the sales team can stay productive during the lockdown

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2020/05/06 12:43 PM

Finding new innovative ways to work during the lockdown is a necessity that the sales team needs to adapt to.

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Managing your sales team during the lockdown

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2020/04/20 11:13 AM

The Covid-19 coronavirus has swept through the world and has caused tremendous disruption in most organisations. In particular, organisations that are sales driven.

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