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Fleet Intuition

Identifying fuel fraud in your fleet

Posted by Juan Booysen on 2022/05/10 10:00 AM

Your fleet is always at risk of fuel fraud, but as fuel prices increase so do the odds that you’ll be faced with fuel theft. Identifying fuel fraud can be tricky, but it’s something every fleet manager should know to look out for and address immediately.

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Topics: Fleet Management

How driver behaviour and safety impact your fleet's performance

Posted by Jean-Clay Van Heerden on 2022/04/26 10:00 AM

Every day you put your company’s fleet assets and any goods being transported directly in the hands of your drivers. Driver performance, therefore, has a direct impact on your business performance and reputation.

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Topics: Fleet Management

Using reporting data to save costs with your fleet

Posted by Juan Booysen on 2022/04/05 10:00 AM

Fleet management consists of so many moving parts that it’s easy to miss cost-saving opportunities, especially smaller amounts. Employing data reporting, however, helps you turn small savings into big savings.

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Topics: Cost Saving, Fleet Management

How EQSTRA will make your daily fleet management tasks manageable

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2022/03/22 10:00 AM

The sheer amount of admin needed to run a successful fleet is no laughing matter, and many fleet managers find themselves weighed down by admin tasks when they are urgently needed elsewhere.

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Topics: Fleet Management

Understanding the impact of stock shortages and supply chain on your fleet

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2022/01/18 10:00 AM

Stock shortages have become the norm the past few years, but the more recent ‘chip’ shortage has the automotive industry reeling, which directly affects the fleet industry.

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Topics: Fleet Management

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