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Fleet Intuition

Running a nimble and efficient fleet during tough times

Posted by Jean-Clay Van Heerden on 2021/07/20 10:00 AM

If there is one thing fleet managers have learned during the COVID pandemic it’s that the ability to adapt quickly has become crucial to business survival. It’s more important than ever to ensure your fleet is agile enough to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

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Why now is the right time to review your fleet processes

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2021/07/06 10:00 AM

The past year has been challenging and has forced many fleet managers to adapt the way they operate. Rather than seeing all changes as merely temporary, this is the perfect time to review your fleet and see which new processes could benefit your fleet in the long run.

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Topics: Fleet Expertise

What the Right to Repair Act means for the fleet manager

Posted by Jean-Clay Van Heerden on 2021/06/22 8:00 AM

With the new Right to Repair Act coming into effect on 1 July this year, fleet managers and customers need to prepare for a new landscape when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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Focus on Drivers: Best practice tips for challenges faced by fleet drivers

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2021/05/25 8:00 AM

No matter the size of the fleet, the one thing they all have in common is drivers. This post takes a closer look at the challenges faced by fleet drivers and some best practice tips for drivers looking to become masters of their craft.

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The importance of fuel management in fleet

Posted by Lynne Nel on 2020/08/26 10:52 AM

The cost of fuel is one of the biggest expenses in fleet. It needs to be tracked in detail for fleet managers to get a clear view of their real fuel spend compared to projections. Fleet managers also need to be wary of fuel fraud as it can have detrimental effects on the overall running of the fleet company.

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