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A guide to navigating the myths around fines and claims

Navigating the legislative labyrinth that comes with fleet management and the administration of fines racked up by drivers is both a time-consuming, and confusing situation.  It doesn’t help that the process is riddled with myths and misconceptions.


A guide to stolen vehicle recovery

The process of vehicle recovery starts long before any vehicle is stolen – it’s a complicated maze of risk assessment, insurance, company policy, employee safety and responsibility, and staying up to date with industry best practice.


Myth Busting: How to choose fleet vehicles that hold value

How do you know which vehicles are a good long term investment? We share our advice here…


Making sense of the data

Data collection is a large part of a fleet manager’s job, but interpreting it and adding value is another battle! We dig into the issue here.


The Ombudsman's role in the motor vehicle insurance industry

Motor vehicle insurance claims continue to be the main source of complaints to the office of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance.


5 Things to consider when choosing fleet vehicles

The options seem endless when choosing fleet vehicles, but the truth is that only a handful are likely a perfect match for your needs. Here’s what you should be looking at. 

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