The fleet compliance challenge

Fleet managers often have to overcome serious challenges to keep fleet policies in line with the directives set by overseas parent companies.


Tyre Tread Mythbusting

Tyre tread is more than just a pretty pattern – all treads are designed to provide the best grip under different circumstances, and it’s important that you know which type of tread best suits your vehicle, and your driving style.


Best practice: Travel allowance

Here are the best and most efficient ways to work with travel allowances for your company fleet.


Private mileage on company cars and fuel cards

A big part of fleet management is gauging whether company cars and fuel cards are being used for their intended purpose. Depending on the size and type of your fleet, you have different options of tracking private and business use. We take a look at the options available and what is considered current best practice in the industry.


Your employee’s driver’s licence has expired. Now what?

Are you managing your drivers properly? If your fleet driver’s licence has expired, the first step is not to panic. You should also not waste any time in starting the process to have it renewed.


Mythbusting: vehicle insurance

Insurance is something everyone loves to hate, but is absolutely vital to protect valuable assets. However, what can you do to minimise the cost of insurance on your vehicle?


Telematics: the options available to your fleet

If you’re new to fleet management, you might not know all telematic options available to you! Here’s what you can get from EQSTRA Fleet Management.


Updating driver information

A major pain point for the Human Resources (HR) department of any company is collecting and maintaining accurate driver details – this information is often not updated because each side believes the onus is on the other side to do the work.


Fuel saving myths

Get the low down on those fuel saving stories that just don’t work.

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