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9 Expected (and unexpected) risks of not using a fleet management company

Fleet management is not a short-term process and requires careful consideration and planning to provide the most effective operation for the company and its vehicles.


Why drones are the future of fleet management

Drones are being used across industries in different ways. So much so that drones are reshaping and creating new industries. While there are many benefits to using drones, perhaps the biggest advantages can be seen when it comes to fleet management.

A closer look at the fleet of 2030

The constant innovation in tracking and vehicle technology means that the task of fleet management needs to be extremely flexible to stay up-to-date. But will the fleet of 2030 be completely different to what it is today, or will the changes all be related to systems and procedures, rather than the shape of the fleet itself?


What to do in the event of an accident

Road accidents occur on a regular basis, but it’s best to be prepared in the event of an accident. Here’s what you can do when it happens.


The 2019 international trends in fleet management

There is an ongoing, major investment in technology for fleet management systems and EQSTRA Fleet Management has found itself to be one of the front runners in the global market in this regard.

How to make sense of maintenance savings

Fleet managers around the country are under pressure to achieve meaningful cost savings on the company bottom line but, these measures have to be properly planned or they could bite back.


A guide to navigating the myths around fines and claims

Navigating the legislative labyrinth that comes with fleet management and the administration of fines racked up by drivers is both a time-consuming, and confusing situation.  It doesn’t help that the process is riddled with myths and misconceptions.


The fleet compliance challenge

Fleet managers often have to overcome serious challenges to keep fleet policies in line with the directives set by overseas parent companies.


Tyre Tread Mythbusting

Tyre tread is more than just a pretty pattern – all treads are designed to provide the best grip under different circumstances, and it’s important that you know which type of tread best suits your vehicle, and your driving style.

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