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Understanding the impact of stock shortages and supply chain on your fleet

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2022/01/18 10:00 AM

Stock shortages have become the norm the past few years, but the more recent ‘chip’ shortage has the automotive industry reeling, which directly affects the fleet industry.

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Topics: Fleet Management

A fleet manager’s guide to the holiday season

Posted by Lynne Nel on 2021/12/07 10:00 AM

The holidays are here! For a fleet manager like you, the holiday season doesn’t mean your vehicles are parked and not at risk…in fact, if you manage company/perk vehicles in your fleet, they may be travelling more kilometres than at any other time of the year.

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Topics: Fleet Expertise, Fleet Management

Should you be looking at hybrid or electric vehicles for your fleet?

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2021/11/16 10:00 AM

Hybrid and electric vehicles have been on the market for some years now, but have not seen a large uptake in the fleet industry. Depending on your fleet type, you could consider alternative fuel options.

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Topics: Trends

The evolution of smart technology in the fleet industry (Infographic)

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2021/11/02 10:00 AM

Smart technology has revolutionised the fleet industry. It’s impossible to run a fully efficient fleet without the use of technology, and the continuous development of new and improved systems means fleet management is constantly evolving as well.

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Topics: Trends

Keep your fleet assets on the move

Posted by Mohammed Moosa on 2021/10/27 10:00 AM

No matter the purpose of your fleet, if your vehicles are standing idle for any reason, you are likely losing money on your fleet assets. There are many ways to reduce vehicle idle time and optimise your fleet to ensure you are getting the best possible value on your fleet investment.

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Topics: Cost Saving