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A guide for non-digital natives: How to use Quest

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2018/08/20 2:27 PM
Heather de Vos


Worried your non-digital staff won't know how to use Quest, our integrated fleet solutions system? Here's a guide for them.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so it’s important for fleet managers to keep up with these changes on a daily basis in order to be ahead of competitors. But, with all these technological advances, how can a fleet manager be sure that the tools, processes or system they use are in tip-top shape?

According to Advanced Business Technology, “new technology leads to even newer technology in a building-block fashion: new advances lay the groundwork to build even more advances, allowing technology to evolve faster and faster over time. Since it’s both lucrative and in many ways self-perpetuating, it’s a trend that certainly won’t slow down anytime soon.”

It’s with the above in mind, that we decided to develop Quest, our integrated fleet solutions system as our customers and suppliers now only need to use one platform to address their challenges like taking care of fleet administration, organising transactions and service histories for vehicles, logging accidents, and so on.

“Quest is a solid system and offers a holistic perspective of each of our customers’ and suppliers’ profiles, with all agreements, transactions and service histories associated with it. It’s an easy-to-use database which provides real-time automation, management and security from start to end. It provides management solutions for fleet, insurance, maintenance, tracking, fuel, roadside assistance and accident management and is designed to improve service quality and ensure additional value to our customers and suppliers,” says Murray Price, managing director of EQSTRA Fleet Management.


However, your non-digital staff might not know how to use or how Quest works. Here’s our guide and advice for them:

The advantages of using Quest

A big advantage of using Quest is keeping all the information about a vehicle in one place. One vehicle might have multiple cases open, but instead of trying to manually track these through emails, paper and phone calls with your fleet supplier, fleet managers are now empowered to do this at a glance and with easy searchability through the entire system.

Though print contracts are still able to be printed, ease of use is massively increased because fleet managers and their managers (who could be located anywhere in the world) can now sign contracts electronically through unique login details. This means that if the person with final approval to sign the contract is in Sweden for a conference, for example, they could sign it on Quest instead of waiting for them to return from the trip. This greatly speeds the process up.

Heather de Vos, General Manager Fleet Solutions at EQSTRA Fleet Management, says, “Previously, for example, if you wanted to know where a car’s licence disk is, you had to phone someone and wait a day for the answer. Now you log in to the system and find it immediately! This prevents the delay on vital information.”

Tired of hearing different stories from your fleet supplier, your mechanic and your regional fleet manager? With Quest, you can see the exact status of every vehicle in the process and everyone receives alerts on overdue cases will be highlighted and alerts customers, suppliers and us when the SLA has gone over. This helps all departments to be on the same page and there’s no need to follow up on cases as you can just easily log in and get the status of each case on Quest.

As Danielle de Klerk, Manager: Business Support at EQSTRA Fleet Management says,  “We often deal with a depo manager who says, ‘We phoned EQSTRA weeks ago’. Now we can see that they never did that and where the road blocks are.”

Danielle continues, “Customers can accept cases, quotations, and settlements on the system - so there is no need to print out or sign on Adobe when you can accept them electronically. It’s also possible to see a report of what is active, and what has been terminated. This lets you see the history of every vehicle.”

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Heather further explains that Quest is the route of the least resistance and very easy to use. “Fleet managers can now go from the people finding the information, to the people using and applying it. They should see the system as their PA that gathers the information… and using this ‘PA’ effectively can help advance their careers. In many ways, QUEST is a time management system because of how much time it saves! It was designed not to pigeon hole information, but rather to let you see everything in one go.”

We ask customers to take this journey with us. In ten years time, we will be the leading fleet management company in Africa because this is the way fleet is moving, and no one else is creating this type of system. It’s like internet banking. At first, when banks launched internet banking, everyone thought it was scary and different, but it’s actually much easier and very safe. Quest will make the lives of fleet managers so much easier in the same way, and like any bank, you can still go to the branch and do your transactions how you feel comfortable, but we are just adding another way that could make your life even simpler and much better.

Quest is very different to what’s been done in the past and we now have full visibility of what’s working and what we’ll need to change in future.   We welcome technological change, as part of our process of always trying to remain relevant and up to date.

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