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Lauren Odell

Lauren Odell
Discovering her passion for finance came as a surprise after trying industrial psychology and informatics and eventually settling for an Honours degree in B.Com. Finance. Lauren has a passion for learning from people and always being approachable. After completing her articles at Deloitte, Lauren stayed on for a short period before moving on to Eqstra as a divisional manager. As CFO, Lauren has been responsible for restructuring Eqstra’s Fleet Management and Logistics’ finance division into one centralized, streamlined unit. Finding the delicate balance between regulatory compliance and doing business is her key focus while managing the financial department of 45 staff members

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Making the right budget cut decisions

Posted by Lauren Odell on 2021/09/21 10:00 AM

There comes a time when all companies make budget cuts, but knowing precisely where to cut can be the difference between success or a protracted struggle trying to keep your fleet, and business, functioning.

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Topics: Cost Saving

Finance: its role in fleet

Posted by Lauren Odell on 2018/08/04 10:00 AM

Fleet management is a complex subject involving multi-tasking across a range of subjects from vehicle acquisition through maintenance to disposal and an integral element through all of this is finance.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance