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Quest for drivers: managing the change

Posted by Jean-Clay Van Heerden on 2018/09/19 10:00 AM
Jean-Clay Van Heerden

Quest for drivers: managing the change

All people are resistant to change (even if we think we aren’t). Fleet drivers are no exception. When implementing a new system such as Quest, it’s all about how you package the change: you need to make it clear how the system will benefit drivers, so that they see the worth in changing and embrace it.

Quest is an all-encompassing fleet management platform designed with the future of fleet management in mind. This includes monitoring driver behaviour and tracking driver performance across your fleet. Drivers might not directly interact with a system such as Quest on a daily basis, but it’s certainly going to affect the way they operate and report. Here’s how to make these changes a bit easier:


1) Explain and train

A key reason why change can be tricky is simply because people are comfortable with the current system and they don’t understand the new one. It’s unfair to expect drivers to embrace new ways of working if they don’t clearly understand the processes. Host a quick ‘explanation’ session on any new system, and make sure you clarify why these changes are important. Drivers might not be the ones monitoring the daily data, but if they understand why this data is important to the company, they’ll be much more willing to work with a new system.

Quest gives fleet managers a platform where all their fleet information is at their fingertips at all times. This valuable information can be turned into regular training and upskilling sessions for drivers. Don’t just tell your drivers that all this information can be used to improve their own careers – show them how.

Fleet managers can have regular sessions where Quest data is used to train and reward drivers who perform well. Data obtained through Quest can be used to develop personalised training and incentives for drivers. In the ‘old-school’ days all drivers would receive warnings if one driver was caught speeding, but with new systems such as Quest, good drivers have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. You need to make sure drivers understand how they can benefit from the system and package it so they are eager to change.

2) Monitoring driver behaviour

Nobody wants to be monitored and micro-managed, so it’s easy to understand why drivers can often feel slighted when more stringent monitoring is placed on them. Managers need to make it very clear that more effective monitoring isn’t because drivers aren’t trusted, but because it benefits the drivers, as well as the company, to see where they can improve.

3) Pitch Quest as an incentive

Your drivers will be much more comfortable with a new system if they see it as an opportunity. Help them see the value in Quest by pitching it as a way for them to learn, improve and ultimately become higher-earning drivers. Help your drivers see the system as a tool that will enable them to build and improve their own careers. Very few jobs give you as much insight into where you can improve on almost a daily basis – this is a huge benefit to drivers.

Quest has been extremely well-received so far and will have crucial long-term benefits in efficiency, but if your drivers aren’t onboard, it’s impossible to fully optimise your fleet. The change to Quest is the perfect opportunity to educate your drivers on the importance of such systems and how they can use it to their advantage. Get them excited to change, instead of resisting it.

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