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Jean-Clay Van Heerden

Jean-Clay Van Heerden
Jean-Clay (JC) van Heerden is the national manager of Strategic Operations for Eqstra Fleet Management. He is responsible for accident management and road-side assistance for Eqstra’s clients as well as for procurement relating to these two areas.

Recent Posts

Telematics: the options available to your fleet

If you’re new to fleet management, you might not know all telematic options available to you! Here’s what you can get from EQSTRA Fleet Management.


Updating driver information

A major pain point for the Human Resources (HR) department of any company is collecting and maintaining accurate driver details – this information is often not updated because each side believes the onus is on the other side to do the work.


Can cell phone apps make people better drivers?

While a seemingly unlikely theory, the evidence as reported by insurance companies around the globe is positive, especially if the use of the app is directly linked to incentive rewards.


Quest for drivers: managing the change

All people are resistant to change (even if we think we aren’t). Fleet drivers are no exception. When implementing a new system such as Quest, it’s all about how you package the change: you need to make it clear how the system will benefit drivers, so that they see the worth in changing and embrace it.


Mental tricks fleet managers can use to improve driver behaviour

There are certain cognitive tricks and thinking fallacies that can be used to motivate your staff - and in the fleet manager’s case, driver behaviour.


Ask the fleet experts: What soft skills do I need to be a fleet management expert?

There are many people who benefit from the work of fleet management experts, every day, across a multitude of industries. Here's the soft skills you need as fleet manager. 


How to get your drivers to take better care of their vehicles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fleet vehicles are often neglected because drivers don’t feel personally responsible for them. Below are a few tips to make sure your fleet vehicles get the TLC they deserve. Get your drivers to take better care of their vehicles.


What will happen to fleet managers when fleet apps become commonplace

Big data, artificial intelligence, robots and apps are all commonplace buzzwords, and technology is increasingly creeping into the logistics and fleet management space.

The 5 things drivers need to do after an accident

If there’s one constant in the fleet business, it’s that accidents happen. Here’s what your drivers should do if they’re involved in one.

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