Dwayne Porter

Telematics vs Tracking explained (Infographic)

Whether you’ve been in the fleet industry for thirty years or thirty minutes, chances are that you’d appreciate a handy guide to ‘Telematics’ and ‘Tracking’ and what, precisely, these systems offer you.


Download the Telematics vs Tracking explained infographic in the format of your choice: 


All that data

At the end of the day, the best fleet management companies are those who know how to wade through all the information and hone in on the data you need to streamline your fleet, which is why EQSTRA Fleet Management makes this a core part of their business.

There may be some common factors, but every fleet is different, so the type of data (or level of importance) will vary depending on your fleet’s purpose. Knowing how to effectively use all the data collected via your telematics system is what makes the difference between mediocre and true fleet efficiency with a solid ROI.


It’s all about optimisation

A comprehensive telematics system bolstered by expert analysis of the data collected is the most effective way to reduce costs and improve fleet performance.

Get accurate GPS tracking and true telematics for your fleet with EQSTRA.

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