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Dwayne Porter

Dwayne Porter
With 11 years’ experience within the telematics industry, Dwayne Porter (Business Manager, GPS Tracking Solutions) possesses in depth knowledge and experience in the various areas in the telematics environment.

Recent Posts

Telematics vs Tracking explained (Infographic)

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2021/10/05 10:00 AM

Whether you’ve been in the fleet industry for thirty years or thirty minutes, chances are that you’d appreciate a handy guide to ‘Telematics’ and ‘Tracking’ and what, precisely, these systems offer you.

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Topics: Trends

The ROI of effective vehicle tracking

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2019/05/01 11:00 AM

Effective vehicle tracking is the best way to ensure your fleet is running efficiently. Any changes you make to your fleet should be data-driven, and the best way to collect this data is through proper vehicle tracking. Tracking is data-driven, making it easy to calculate whether tracking is delivering decent ROI for your business.

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Topics: Cost Saving

A guide to stolen vehicle recovery

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2018/12/12 10:00 AM

The process of vehicle recovery starts long before any vehicle is stolen – it’s a complicated maze of risk assessment, insurance, company policy, employee safety and responsibility, and staying up to date with industry best practice.

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Topics: Fleet Expertise

How to identify an at-risk driver

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2018/04/21 10:00 AM

A fleet manager’s biggest liability is irresponsible and risky drivers. Here's how to identify an at-risk driver.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance

Driver safety: Obvious, yet neglected

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2018/03/26 10:00 AM

Companies may not necessarily realise the liability they carry when their staff are in their vehicles.  Here's what driver safety entails.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance

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