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Dwayne Porter

Dwayne Porter
With 11 years’ experience within the telematics industry, Dwayne Porter (Business Manager, GPS Tracking Solutions) possesses in depth knowledge and experience in the various areas in the telematics environment.

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A guide to stolen vehicle recovery

The process of vehicle recovery starts long before any vehicle is stolen – it’s a complicated maze of risk assessment, insurance, company policy, employee safety and responsibility, and staying up to date with industry best practice.


How to identify an at-risk driver

A fleet manager’s biggest liability is irresponsible and risky drivers. Here's how to identify an at-risk driver.


Driver safety: Obvious, yet neglected

Companies may not necessarily realise the liability they carry when their staff are in their vehicles.  Here's what driver safety entails.


Fleet anti-hijacking add ons

Hijacking is a common occurrence in SA, yet there are thankfully solutions to put your mind at ease. 


Why we monitor fleet drivers

Fleet operators often monitor fleet drivers for protection and rewarding purposes. Here’s how you can monitor fleet drivers, too: 


4 Common fleet driving scenarios (and how you should respond)

All fleets are different, but there are some universal similarities, especially when it comes to driving. How you respond to fleet driving scenarios can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your fleet. 

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