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Graeme Steyn

Graeme Steyn
With 25 years experience in the fleet industry, Graeme Steyn (Director GPS Tracking Solutions) notes GPS Tracking Solutions as an achievement. “It is a successful business and the biggest proof that I am good at what I do,” he says.

Recent Posts

How to train your drivers to be client facing

Posted by Graeme Steyn on 2017/08/21 2:00 PM

Your drivers are often the face of your company, spending a lot of face-to-face time in front of clients. Here’s how you can train your drivers to be brand ambassadors.

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Topics: Training

Cameras: The upgrade your fleet needs

Posted by Graeme Steyn on 2017/06/13 8:50 AM
Cameras are an affordable and reliable way to keep an eye on your fleet. Whether you manage a handful, or hundreds, of vehicles, fleet cameras are a must-have.
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Topics: Fleet Maintenance

8 Reasons traffic is affecting your bottom line

Posted by Graeme Steyn on 2017/05/22 4:00 PM

As a fleet manager you’re well-versed in the various complexities of keeping your vehicles on the road, in the safest and most cost-effective way possible. One thing that frustrates any manager, however, is traffic congestion. 

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Topics: Management

The tech you need to manage your fleet

Posted by Graeme Steyn on 2017/01/30 12:00 PM

Running a successful fleet requires an investment in the right technology. There’s no way around it. Let's start this with a pretty bold statement: companies who invest in decent tech will see an immediate increase in efficiency.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance

Telematics is a crystal ball for fleet managers

Posted by Graeme Steyn on 2017/01/09 7:00 AM
Many companies seem to have a tough time deciding whether fitting a telemetry tracking system to their fleet is a necessary expense. The very short answer is: yes.
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Topics: Management