The evolution of telematics (and the way forward)

Telematics and its role in fleet management has grown exponentially from fairly humble beginnings in the 1960s. Informatics and telecommunications formally merged when the US Department of Defence developed GPS systems to track asset position and improve communication on the battlefield.


Vehicle procurement restrictions

Restrictions on what may be – or may not be – available as a company car or fleet pool car are especially frustrating to those moving up to a management level where the job includes the perk of a car. However, the restrictions are in place for a reason.


The myths of night time driving

 Driving at night is not the fuel-saving, traffic-free breeze it is often claimed to be and, in fact, can be a lot more dangerous than driving during the day.


External vs internal fleet management

Fleet management is more than simply buying and selling company cars. The many factors that need to be considered can tip the scales between an organisation deciding to run their fleet internally or use an external fleet management expert  that could save the company money in the long run.


AARTO vs normal fines

Do you understand the difference between AARTO fines and “normal” traffic violation fines? We explain it all here…


Myth Busting: How to choose fleet vehicles that hold value

How do you know which vehicles are a good long term investment? We share our advice here…


Transformation: Where does fleet need to go? [Video]

Fleet management companies face various challenges and transformation processes on an ongoing basis, but what does EQSTRA do to combat these issues?


Fleet management 101: Determining who gets which car

This is every fleet manager’s nightmare, and a large part of the job. How do you match fit for purpose with status, and all the other factors that come into choosing a car?


Can cell phone apps make people better drivers?

While a seemingly unlikely theory, the evidence as reported by insurance companies around the globe is positive, especially if the use of the app is directly linked to incentive rewards.

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