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A guide to navigating the myths around fines and claims

Navigating the legislative labyrinth that comes with fleet management and the administration of fines racked up by drivers is both a time-consuming, and confusing situation.  It doesn’t help that the process is riddled with myths and misconceptions.


Your employee’s driver’s licence has expired. Now what?

Are you managing your drivers properly? If your fleet driver’s licence has expired, the first step is not to panic. You should also not waste any time in starting the process to have it renewed.


Fuel saving myths

Get the low down on those fuel saving stories that just don’t work.


AARTO vs normal fines

Do you understand the difference between AARTO fines and “normal” traffic violation fines? We explain it all here…


Human resources: your role in fleet

Human resources, or HR, can often have quite a significant role in fleet management. Understand more about that here.

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