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Johnnie Marais

Johnnie Marais

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Designing your fleet management around the seasonal needs of your business

Posted by Johnnie Marais on 2022/06/08 10:00 AM

The demands on your fleet change throughout the year. In most cases, it’s due to seasonal changes in customer requirements or location. With the right data, you can accurately predict these changes and ensure minimal disruption to your fleet.

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Topics: Fleet Management

Top tips to beat the C-19 pandemic in a vehicle workshop

Posted by Johnnie Marais on 2020/05/20 11:10 AM

To stay safe while working during the C-19 lockdown, vehicle workshop staff always need to constantly remain cautious and vigilant. We have drawn 6 tips to beat the C-19 pandemic in a vehicle workshop.

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Topics: Fleet Maintenance, Services, Fleet Management

New type of vehicle drop safe. Designed and built by Eqstra’s workshop

Posted by Johnnie Marais on 2020/05/13 11:59 AM

They say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. According to this adage, Eqstra’s workshop employee, Cloete van Wyk is as tough as a stainless steel bolt.

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UPDATE - Improve your fleet culture: importance of driver coaching

Posted by Johnnie Marais on 2018/08/09 10:00 AM

Driver coaching and safety are critical to any organisation with a presence on the roads; here are some tips on how to build a culture of safety in your organisation.

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Topics: Fleet Safety

A green fleet looks like this: Long answer to a short question

Posted by Johnnie Marais on 2018/06/05 10:00 AM

Do a quick online search and you’ll see there has been a massive increase in the demand for companies to ‘green’ their fleets.

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Topics: Cost Saving

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