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How to make sense of maintenance savings

Fleet managers around the country are under pressure to achieve meaningful cost savings on the company bottom line but, these measures have to be properly planned or they could bite back.


Tyre Tread Mythbusting

Tyre tread is more than just a pretty pattern – all treads are designed to provide the best grip under different circumstances, and it’s important that you know which type of tread best suits your vehicle, and your driving style.


Fuel saving myths

Get the low down on those fuel saving stories that just don’t work.


Transformation: Where does fleet need to go? [Video]

Fleet management companies face various challenges and transformation processes on an ongoing basis, but what does EQSTRA do to combat these issues?


The correct way to fill out your vehicle asset register

Vehicle asset registers are more than another piece of admin - they’re extremely useful tools.


Human resources: your role in fleet

Human resources, or HR, can often have quite a significant role in fleet management. Understand more about that here.


Finance: its role in fleet

Fleet management is a complex subject involving multi-tasking across a range of subjects from vehicle acquisition through maintenance to disposal and an integral element through all of this is finance.


What questions you should be asking your fleet management company

There’s so much detailed information out there that it can be difficult to weed out the really important questions that you should be asking your fleet management company. 


The risk management approach to fleet insurance

How do you view your vehicle fleet insurance? Is it just an unnecessary expense that you can’t avoid and that you can’t control? Do you expect your fleet insurer to increase the premium at the next renewal and there is nothing that you can do about it? 

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