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The impact on vehicle repairs due to vehicle part shortages

Posted by Willers Baard on 2022/04/07 10:00 AM

Since the last quarter of 2021, the vehicle repair industry reported that the time frame of repairing vehicles is increasing due to a worldwide shortage of vehicle parts.

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Should you be looking at hybrid or electric vehicles for your fleet?

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2021/11/16 10:00 AM

Hybrid and electric vehicles have been on the market for some years now, but have not seen a large uptake in the fleet industry. Depending on your fleet type, you could consider alternative fuel options.

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Topics: Trends

The evolution of smart technology in the fleet industry (Infographic)

Posted by EQSTRA Fleet Management on 2021/11/02 10:00 AM

Smart technology has revolutionised the fleet industry. It’s impossible to run a fully efficient fleet without the use of technology, and the continuous development of new and improved systems means fleet management is constantly evolving as well.

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Telematics vs Tracking explained (Infographic)

Posted by Dwayne Porter on 2021/10/05 10:00 AM

Whether you’ve been in the fleet industry for thirty years or thirty minutes, chances are that you’d appreciate a handy guide to ‘Telematics’ and ‘Tracking’ and what, precisely, these systems offer you.

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What does a sustainable fleet really look like?

Posted by Heather de Vos on 2021/09/07 12:00 PM

The word ‘sustainable’ has become a bit of a flag for businesses to wave around in order to appeal to customers. But what does it really mean, and how does it really apply to the fleet industry?

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Topics: Trends

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