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Telematics: the options available to your fleet

If you’re new to fleet management, you might not know all telematic options available to you! Here’s what you can get from EQSTRA Fleet Management.


The evolution of telematics (and the way forward)

Telematics and its role in fleet management has grown exponentially from fairly humble beginnings in the 1960s. Informatics and telecommunications formally merged when the US Department of Defence developed GPS systems to track asset position and improve communication on the battlefield.


Fleet Operations Manager: playing an important role

In a large corporation operating many vehicles across the spectrum of cars and trucks, fleet managers play a pivotal role but, just as important, is the task of the Fleet Operations Manager (FOM) or Transport Manager.


[UPDATE] Fleet management: A look at the future

The year is 2018. Self-driving cars have become a reality, fleet managers are gearing up for IFRS16 and big data drives our biggest business decisions.


The 5 effects rising fuel costs will have on your fleet

South Africa’s downgrade to Junk Status, along with rising fuel costs, will have a major impact on the economy. You’ll notice these five effects as a result of these increases.

Myth busting: How to run a green fleet

There are a number of ways to make your fleet more environmentally friendly, while slashing costs as an added bonus. This article tackles the idea of how to run a green fleet - and when to call in expert help to make it happen.


The big data trends that matter in a fleet

‘Big Data’ might not sound as important as ‘fuel savings’, but it’s a term that fleet managers need to learn sooner rather than later.


The impact of IFRS16 on fleet management

IFRS16, the new international accounting standard, will come into effect from 2019 and is said to turn the fleet management industry upside down.


How to measure what matters and what to do with the data

Modern technology enables us all to monitor and study nearly all aspects of fleet operations, but the amount of data is overwhelming. What should you be paying attention to?

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