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Sudesh Pillay

Sudesh Pillay
Sudesh Pillay is the Head of Consulting & Data Analytics at EQSTRA Fleet Management, a wholly owned division of EnX Group Limited. He joins the EQSTRA team to further enhance the company’s offering, particularly in extracting tangible value through translating big data into a meaningful management tool to enable customers to optimise fleet replacement schedules, maintenance schedules and fleet planning. Sudesh holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and a B.Com in Mathematical Statistics, Actuarial Science and Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is currently studying for his MBA.

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Best practice: Travel allowance

Here are the best and most efficient ways to work with travel allowances for your company fleet.


The evolution of telematics (and the way forward)

Telematics and its role in fleet management has grown exponentially from fairly humble beginnings in the 1960s. Informatics and telecommunications formally merged when the US Department of Defence developed GPS systems to track asset position and improve communication on the battlefield.


External vs internal fleet management

Fleet management is more than simply buying and selling company cars. The many factors that need to be considered can tip the scales between an organisation deciding to run their fleet internally or use an external fleet management expert  that could save the company money in the long run.


Myth Busting: How to choose fleet vehicles that hold value

How do you know which vehicles are a good long term investment? We share our advice here…


Petrol vs diesel: We debunk the myths

There’s pros and cons to both petrol and diesel. We debunk the myths.


Making sense of the data

Data collection is a large part of a fleet manager’s job, but interpreting it and adding value is another battle! We dig into the issue here.


Why fleet benchmarking is important

Without benchmarking, there is no effective way for a fleet manager to contain costs or to understand problem areas that need urgent action.


Does it make sense to lease?

On the surface, leasing can be more appealing than buying. Monthly payments are usually lower because you're not paying back any principal. Instead, you're just borrowing and repaying the amount that the vehicle depreciates in the time you have it, plus finance charges.


What questions you should be asking your fleet management company

There’s so much detailed information out there that it can be difficult to weed out the really important questions that you should be asking your fleet management company. 

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