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Willie Venter

Willie Venter
Willie Venter has written various white papers, case studies and electronic research papers. “My experience ranges from system development, sales, marketing to operational management. I have lead projects on feasibility studies to enter the fleet market in various countries as well as various product development projects and other ad hoc projects,” he says. He has a proven track record in fleet consulting with an exceptional conversion rate. Willie has consulted to >140 companies across Africa and managed various projects which increased profitability. He has also written various training material and is currently writing a book on fleet management to be published in the near future. Willie currently holds the position of Fleet Consulting Manager at EQSTRA Fleet Management.

Recent Posts

There's more to fleet management than vehicle tracking

Posted by Willie Venter on 2017/02/13 2:30 PM

Keeping track of all the fleet vehicles is but one small part of the fleet manager’s role. Business acumen, networking and risk management are also key skills and responsibilities. Read up here on the essentials to be a great fleet manager.

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Topics: Cost Saving

What to expect from fuel prices in 2017

Posted by Willie Venter on 2017/02/06 12:00 PM

Here’s what to expect in 2017 when it comes to fuel prices.

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Topics: Cost Saving

How the price of fuel is determined

Posted by Willie Venter on 2017/01/16 7:00 AM

There are a myriad of factors that affect the price of fuel, and we break them down for you here.

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Topics: Cost Saving

How to choose the right vehicles for your fleet

Posted by Willie Venter on 2017/01/05 8:00 AM

Choosing the right vehicles for your fleet can be like navigating a minefield: there are so many options and potential pitfalls that many fleet managers find it a bit daunting.

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Topics: Management

How to win at fleet budgeting

Posted by Willie Venter on 2017/01/03 10:00 AM

Fleet budgeting can seem like an impossibly large task, but with our four tips you’ll lock it down in no time.

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Topics: Management