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The myths of night time driving

 Driving at night is not the fuel-saving, traffic-free breeze it is often claimed to be and, in fact, can be a lot more dangerous than driving during the day.


UPDATE - Improve your fleet culture: importance of driver coaching

Driver coaching and safety are critical to any organisation with a presence on the roads; here are some tips on how to build a culture of safety in your organisation.


How we encourage and incentivise good driver behaviour

Distell and EQSTRA constantly work together to identify and offer incentives for good driver behaviour. Here’s how we encourage and incentivise good driver behaviour.


Why we monitor fleet drivers

Fleet operators often monitor fleet drivers for protection and rewarding purposes. Here’s how you can monitor fleet drivers, too: 


Tricks of the trade: what it takes to be a top fleet driver

Top-notch drivers are the greatest asset to any fleet. Below are some key aspects to look for if you’re hiring, and to aspire to if you’re driving. Here's what it takes to be a top fleet driver.


Dirt road guide

Going offroad? Here's your dirt road guide.


Secrets of an expert fleet driver

When it comes to driving a fleet, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to bear in mind. Here are the secrets of an expert fleet driver.


4 Common fleet driving scenarios (and how you should respond)

All fleets are different, but there are some universal similarities, especially when it comes to driving. How you respond to fleet driving scenarios can make a huge difference to the efficiency of your fleet. 


How to get your drivers to take better care of their vehicles [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fleet vehicles are often neglected because drivers don’t feel personally responsible for them. Below are a few tips to make sure your fleet vehicles get the TLC they deserve. Get your drivers to take better care of their vehicles.

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